Re: Drip catcher???

Posted by Mike D on Sep 19, 2005

Don't know about you but I have it on good authority that I am crazy. From the limited experience I've had with using cabosil as a thickener it is about like using tiny ball bearings. The stuff seems to keep on flowing and flowing. Even the peanut butter thick stuff responds to gravity. Might be that I haven't used enough of it and need to go beyond peanut butter.

At any rate, getting an exactly even bead of just the right amount all around the shear clamps is a little beyond my capability. There will be some places where there will be more squeeze-out then others and in the interest of not leaving gaps I'll most likely error on the side of too much so the bigger clumps will probably do some slow motion running. Oh well, it don't have to be perfect.

Happy building, MD

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