Re: Drip catcher???

Posted by Mike D on Sep 19, 2005

Hmmm, good point Brad. Due to my sloth-like pace the deck is going on in two stages. The aft section went on Saturday using Howard's packing-tape-and-split-trash-bag method. It sounded like a lot more trouble then it actually was to do. The exciting part will come after the hatch is cut and we get to see if the tape really does come out. Stay tuned...

Now, if I do the video-advised post deck nailing inversion there won't be any drips on the outside that can't be wiped off and any surplus thickened epoxy should neatly flow into the gaps. So far so good.

And before the epoxy cures I can deal with any drips in the cockpit. That just leaves the forward compartment inaccessable till the hatch is cut, probably at least a week in the future. It would seem that the worst that can happen is some runs going towards the center of the cambered deck. Decisions, decisions....

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