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Posted by George K on Sep 19, 2005


The need for 80 grit depends on how careful you were on applying the epoxy. If you were careful and have limited runs/drips/etc. you can just hit them a bit with the 80 and move on to the lighter grits. I've not had a problem sanding thru the cloth and I'm pretty aggresive with a ROS. I use 150 and 220 for the final sanding. You can do the whole thing with 220 (I have a friend who's scared of his ROS and did just that!) but it takes a long time to do it that way. Just be extra careful sanding around the edge of the deck and chines. There's nothing wrong with a little hand sanding, either! And remember, there's nothing you can't fix should you screw up. A bright finish is what I prefer but I've seen some beautiful painted boats!


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