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Posted by FrankP on Sep 19, 2005

Well, since everyone is throwing out trip reports I'll add my short bit.

Took the NorthBay out for a couple of hours Saturday on a local lake. Dialed in my seat (almost) so my legs don't go numb anymore and got a better feel for the adjustments I want to make to my paddle. I've more or less given up on the euro paddles as I really love the toothpick. (That's what the guy who stopped me at the lake called it, anyway.) I need to make a couple more paddles and I think I'll even call one "Toothpick". Hey, we can name our boats, why not our favorite paddles?

So all told, I think I paddled about 2.5-3 miles with a break in the middle to make some seat adjustments. I'm still getting a lot of water (at least a quart) in the stern, and I'm beginning to suspect the skeg box as I didn't get any more than half an ounce in the bow compartment. Of course the stern hatch is much larger than the bow hatch, so that probably is a factor.

I'm thinking of possibly ripping out the skeg box and glassing a permanent skeg to the boat, but I'm going to paddle it a bit more first. I'm starting to be able to compensate fairly well, on flat water, for the weathercocking.

Now I just need to get my spray skirt finished and get to a rolling class with one of the local clubs.


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