Paint Weight Etc.

Posted by Chuck on Sep 19, 2005

I have finished sanding my Chesapeake 17 and am ready to paint or varnish. Still trying to decide but am leaning towards using one part polyurethane on the hull and varnishing the deck. I am wondering however, if I decide to paint how much more weight the paint and primer will add to the kayak compared to just doing 5-6 coats of varnish? I figure that if I chose to go with painting the hull that I will have to do a primer coat to finish filling any remaining low spots, sand, and then apply two coats of paint. Additionally, I have equipment necessary for spray painting but am wondering if going to all that work to set it up, wearing respirators, and then the clean up work is really going to yield that much better look in the end than a carefull roll on and tip out with brush paint job?

Thanks for any tips,

Chuck Rhodes

Chesapeake, VA



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