Re: 3" tape down hull?

Posted by LeeG on Sep 19, 2005

pros-15oz of glass, tape+hull cloth, is VERY tough.

cons-a 3" wide strip down the center isn't where the majority of the wear occurs. Its on the stern/bow entry for about 18" where the bottom panels narrow together and the general area under the cockpit.

A thick layer of epoxy schmootz rich in cabosil low in wood flour applied in a narrow strip about 3/8"-1/2" X 8" on the ends plus thick fill coats over the bottom will suffice for most wear. The thing about all that effort to fair in 9oz tape is that in the middle of the bottom panels between the keel and chines you're just as likely to get a big scrape. The stuff on the keel will be impacted when the kayak is exactly centered as would occur in dragging. When you're in the kayak it wobble side to side as might occur at the beach with one panel flat on the ground. The keel strip will make for a VERY tough keel but in those instances where you're getting out of the kayak on an uneven surface the kayak won't be balancing on the keel line, it'll be flopped to one side.

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