Re: Kayak to Rowing shell

Posted by Randy Knauff on Sep 19, 2005

A good book to read, fascinating tale, is "Rowing to Latitude" by Jill Fredston. Jill and Doug are my neighbors/acquaintances. He has converted to rowing to keep up with her. They used to row converted Tofino doubles now use Arluks. Jill can walk away from two big strong men paddling a Tofino, covers 30 to 40 mile days when she wants with a couple hundred pounds of gear in her kayak. They go for trips weeks long and sometimes months long. I built a rowing frame for one of my doubles. It goes faster and further but isn't as much fun poking along the shore and cliffs, gunkholing, playing in waves. It is incredibly stable with those nine fot levers out there. It is a better all around physical work out but I don'tlike going backwards!! Jill and Doug have paddled and rowed thousands of miles of Arctic and northern coasts, circumnavigated Iceland, good read for any water sports person.

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