Re: Hunting

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 18, 2005

Good call, George, though I'll add this: the stock on a shotgun makes a tolerable facsimile of a Greenland paddle blade, but the barrel(s) make a poor loom unless yer talkin' about an old-time 8-gauge market gun or better. But them's can be kinder heavy.

In any case, be sure to click the ol' safety on when performing extended shotgun sweeps. Better yet, just unload that rascal, if you can hold yer breath a minnit. And resist the urge to clear snakes out the bottom with it, too.

Gosh, it all sounds so exciting! I wonder why I never thought of hunting from a kayak before???

But waitaminnit... Moe never said what kind of hunting he had in mind, did he? If he means using a high powered rifle for icing PWC's, we might want to get serious here.

Cheers, Kurt

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