Re: Drip catcher???

Posted by Howard on Sep 17, 2005

funny you should ask...

while pursueing a very light build...i was concerned about this issue. i ran reinforced packing tape along the inside shear edge and bulkhead (about 1/16" proud of the top)i then put some plastic garbage bags that i cut into sheets along the lower edge of the packing tape to cover the inside of the hull.

when i did finally open a hatch hole, i was able to pull all the packing tape and plastic out. no drips and the packing tape, becuase it was reinforced, came out in one piece.

if you are wondering, the reason i made the tape 1/16" proud of the shear edge, it was to hold the epoxy on the top of shear and avoid any gaps between the top of the shear and the bottom of the deck on the inside of the boat.

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