Re: glass layout

Posted by Gober on Sep 16, 2005

I went to the local Wallmart and got the Bondo brand I think it was a 3 pack for 2 or 3 bucks. Now here is the deal. The bondo brand isnt as strong as the professional kind that my dad uses at his body shop. What tends to happen is the 1st wet out the squeegie works great. Then after that the surface is rough and hard, this tends to rip up the tip of the cheapo squeegie. What I have been doing is using the same squeegie until I sand the hull and smooth it up. Then I get a fresh squeegie thats nice and straight and put the last coat(s) on. Now its time for some other fellows to chime in on how if you use a credit card you never have any problems.

Bottom line I think the squeegie is the way to go.

In Response to: glass layout by Gafrick on Sep 16, 2005



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