Re: Hey George

Posted by Dave on Sep 16, 2005

Jonathan Dickinson SP is one a local paddle for me, lots of fun, about the only power boats you'll see are small John boats and possibly the pontoon boat with sightseers. Water is calm, but make sure you know where you’re going if you head up to Trapper Nelsons, as it can get a little confusing. There is a little bit of current near Trapper Nelsons but nothing to worry about.

They do have some cozy cabins you can rent but my understanding is that you’d better reserve in advance. The campground always seems crowded so you’d be wise to check on that also.

Starting at the other end of the river is also possible, but requires a few portages over fallen trees. There are couple other protected water paddles in the area also if your interested.

Remember on you leg to Jacksonville that I-10 east of New Orleans is no more, and with the season we’ve been having, check up on the storm situation before you head out.

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