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Posted by FrankP on Sep 16, 2005


I've traveled several thousand miles with my NorthBay and some SOFs on my Honda Accord. (Up and down the east coast and from Maryland to Tennessee) I get perhaps 1.5mpg less than my normal road mileage and most of that occurs if I have the rack on the car, with or without the boats. So I'm somewhere around 30 mpg with the rack/boats and about 31-32 without.

I would use the Nissan, personally, especially with gas prices as they are right now. What Doug(?) said about the crossbars is a good point. I don't like wide crossbars so I load using a stacker type system if I'm putting more than two boats on the car. All mine are very narrow boats and you'll probably have to do that with the two MCs because they are substantially wider than mine are. Rack manufacturers are pretty much just personal preference between Thule and Yakima. I have Yakima's but the Thule are just as good. Go with whichever you can get a good price (and right accessories) for in a short period of time.

Good luck with it.


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