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Posted by George K on Sep 16, 2005


I have a Mazda 3 5 door that I carry a WR 18 and a CH 17LT on. Thule racks, Hydro Glide and Set-To-Go saddles. 30 mpg on the road at 75 mph. I've only got a few hundred miles on the road so far but have had absolutely no problems with the boats flying off! The one thing you are going to have to consider is the width of the cross bar. The MC's are about 7" wider than my boats and mine just barely fit side by side on a 48" bar. You could go with a wider bar or the stackers (boats are on their sides, basically). And the only reason I went with Thule was they were the first guys to make racks for my car. Either them or Yakima will work fine.

And don't forget to get a cable and lock for them. Don't buy the kind you get in kayak shops, they're not heavy duty enough. Go to your local hardware store and have them make a couple of 1/4" by 20' long galvanized steel/vinyl coated cables with small loops on each end. Buy a good lock, don't get cheap here. You'll actually be able to sleep in your motel room instead of worrying about the boats all night!

I'm in Cocoa, FL. Give me a call if you want when you're passing through. Would love to go for a paddle.


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