Traveling with the Yaks

Posted by gober on Sep 15, 2005

OK guys I need some of you travelers to chime in on this one.

I plan on taking 2 Kayaks to Florida from Texas to do some camping ect. The trip is divided in several legs. Leg one is from Fort Worth to Jacksonville about 1000 miles, Leg two Jacksonville to Bahia Honda Key about 600 miles. Then the reverse after about four days.

So here is my delima: I have the choice of 2 vehicles either a Nissan Xterra (18 mpg hwy) or my new little Nissan Sentra (37 mpg hwy). Thulle and Yakima have racks for the Sentra, on the Xterra I would use the factory installed heavy duty pipe racks.

My boats are a pair of MC13's. Now I will take 2 there but possibly only one back. The second boat is a gift for my twin thats getting out of the Navy.

I sure would like to cut my fuel prices in half. Anyone ever make a long trip like this with your yaks cartoped?

I'll be leaving in 3 weeks, so your opinion is greatly appreciated.




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