Same Experience

Posted by Chris F on Sep 13, 2005

I became sensitized to the finer dust of boat building last summer. Not fun. I broke out in rashes all over and my face swelled up. Eyes were not swollen shut, but definitely puffy.

I eventually went to my doctor. He prescribed some oral steroids (loratadine, I believe.) It takes a little time for it all to clear (of course it won't clear if you stay in the boat shop.

I bought a tyvek suit and wore it working on the boat until all raw wood was sealed. It was a VERY hot summer in Maryland inside that suit. I wore the respirator at all times. Safety glasses. Anything to keep the dust off my skin. I showered immediately upon leaving the shop. After it all began I really cleaned the shop and kept it clean throughout the remainder of the construction.

Hope things get better. It isn't much fun, but the boat is so worth it.


In Response to: allergic wood reaction? by mullman on Sep 12, 2005



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