Re: one more thing...

Posted by Gober on Aug 26, 2005

These guys are right on! Install the deck first.

But lets talk about your contact cement concern. Contact cement will not easily come off. I used contact cement on both of my onlays. One onlay is a Texas flag about 32 inches long on begining in the middle of the aft hatch and running to the tip of the stern. The other onlay is the shape of Texas between the bow and forward hatch. Contact cement oozed out around the forward onlay and it was hell to clean up. The aft onlay, the white birch piece began to lift off the boat before I could glass it down. I dont think I put enough cement on it. I pulled the piece off with a putty knife and started over. I almost never got the cement off the deck, it kept gumming up the paper. I would use contact cement again but then again I might try wood glue.

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