Re: Lake Superior!

Posted by Chris Taylor on Aug 24, 2005

Tom, I've been an admirer of your website for some time now. Thanks for the latest addition on your trip to L. Superior. You have a great eye for capturing beauty in the natural and human environment with your camera. I'm in Ottawa, only about 6 hours drive to Georgian Bay's east coast, and I am planning a trip there next summer. Your pics have been a great source of inspiration for the trip. You are brave to take on Superior (or should I say, to seek Superior's permission to take care of you). I know what she can be like. Once, in the summer of 1979, after canoing the White River (now the western edge of Pukasaw National Park) we were windbound at the mouth for 4 days - literally starving in awe of the majestic and furocious power of the Lake. You may be interested in a trip I just completed to a place called Paradis Marin on the north shore of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, about 30 km east of Tadussac, Quebec. It too is big, cold water that can be tricky with currents and an 18 foot tide. But what is amazing is the abundance of whales and other marine life. In the 3 days on the water, we had numerous VERY close encounters with Minkie and Beluga whales, porpoises and seals, not to mention a rich variety of bird life. Keep taking and posting your trips - you are an artist!

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