Re: Deck cloth w/ rubrail

Posted by Howard on Aug 18, 2005


i would overlap the deck edge with cloth to ensure waterproofness of the exposed deck edge (e.g., go down the side of the boat 1 1/2") even if i was using rub-rails. i would not trust an open end cut of mahogony ply to simply being wet out to ensure waterproofness.

the rub-rails, depending on your installation approach, sometimes will not go all the way from stem to stern. sometimes they are also set down from the edge...not flush with the deck curve. therefore you are really relying on the rub-rails to prevent abrasions and big dings/scratches to the shears and side of the boat...but it is not really a waterproofing technique the way that glassing the hull is, in my oppinion.


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