Re: Paint prep

Posted by Moe on Aug 12, 2005

there are alot of ways washing a hul but the best way to remove fat is too us alcohol (96% not shure how medical 96 reacts too paint beacuse there are poisens added but it's good enough for med. so probably ok.). the other way clean is too use red spirits or terpantine.

residue. wood is almost impossibal to clean if you've you'sed somthing that leavs traces that don't evaporate. soap is one of theas trickey things. lot's of kinds of soap leavs shit behind, this cannot be cleaned away (it can but you need lots of skill not just lots of watter). some kind of sope are ok (alchol soap is best) if you've hosed down the wood after it's got residue on it most of the stuff will go away but not all. this makes the border between wood and paint a bit worse there wont be any fast reactions but combined with bad conditions freqent change of teamprature, humidety and light.

however i dont know anything about paint inside epoxy and varnish. So if someone knows that the paint is so protected that you dont need too care about minescuel things like this i bow however that is.

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