Clamping the stem

Posted by A. King on Aug 8, 2005

Hi all. I feel like this is a stupid problem, but I am having a hell of a time clamping the stem of my boat before I fillet. The stern was no problem, but the stem is somewhat zig-zagged and I want to clamp it to keep it straight. However, I can't get any hold because whenever I try to apply pressure, the slope of the hull causes the straight edges to slip off. I have tried spring clamps, c-clamps, I even tried wiring the strips on and then twisting the wires to clamp it. Nothing works!

Can anyone offer some advice on how best to do this? Also, I am finding that the wires in the hull make it difficult to place the clamps, but I don't see a way around that?

Thanks for any help--I am anxious to move past this!




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