Re: Love the sqeegees

Posted by RogerJ on Aug 8, 2005

I used roller on the intial wet out of the glass. if you can feel the roller skid you've the epoxy too thick, keep working it around. When the glass is all transparent work any bubbles out to the edges with a squee gee. You may have to do this before you get all the epoxy spread,depends on batch size and temperatures etc.. Best to use small batches in high temps, better yet to wait until the temperature is starting to fall. An empty frozen OJ can with a 3/4 in. cut in the top edge can be used to scrape the excess from your squee gee and collect the gunk, do not reuse this epoxy. RogerJ

In Response to: Love the sqeegees by Doug Judd on Aug 5, 2005



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