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Posted by Howard on Aug 5, 2005

the surface should be/can be cleaned with a bit of soapy water...and then rinsed with plenty of fresh water to get rid of any dust. then let air dry thoroughly

immediately prior to painting, there is typically a solvent wash that would be recommended by the paint manufacturer to clean up any hidden finger oils or contamination. i ussually use whatever the paint manufacturer recommends even though it is a bit expensive. however, if you are comfortable with paints and solvents, you can ussually figure out a generic solvent that is appropriate for whatever paint you are using.

in the context of cleaning the surface, it is also important to keep it clean and avoid contamination during the painting process. vacume and clean up your painting area. use gloves to keep finger oils off the boat. wear a hat to keep your hair out of the paint. do not use any tac rags or stuff that you ran through the dryer with dryer cloths (they have silicone on them). watch for any source of oily exhausts from heaters in your paint area; they can contaminate the surface. make sure to avoid dust...or work around the dusty season. ensure that you declare your paint area off limits to pets and small children...and yes...even spouses. avoid painting with a wind/breeze in your paint kicks up dust. tell people during your paint session that you are not taking any calls. finally, check the weather and ensure that your temperatures and humidity are in the ranges expected for the paint. of luck. you are almost there.

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