Re: I can!

Posted by J.Schott on Aug 4, 2005

Several years ago when I ordered kits for out 17 and double, I was suffering from a pretty bad lower back pain. As things progressed, the frequency and doseage of my pain meds went up almost weekly. I had started the 17 and kept working on it even when I was taken out of work. My wife was pretty angry at first and I was questioned repeatedly about how bad the pain must be. When the possibility of surgery was becoming more of a probability, the work continued. Finished the 17 and started the double two weeks before surgery. Four days after surgery I was back in the garage. My wife gave up on trying to stop me and told me "just don't over-do it!". Four weeks later I was back at work and the double was almost finished. I had a huge honey-do list to catch up on, and she had no sympathy for me at all. I think that the okume dust gets in our blood stream and changes us in ways most mortals will never understand!

In Response to: Can't top that, Laszlo! by Doug Judd on Aug 4, 2005



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