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Posted by Chris Taylor on Aug 4, 2005

Lee, I've been using a cheap, thin, flexible plastic putty knife that I bought at the dollar-store. The blade is about 3 inches wide, which I sanded with some 400 grit to remove any tiny barbs. I try to work in small amounts of epoxy at a time, using several strokes to distribute any epoxy that escapes the edge of the tool. With each coat, I'm only trying to fill the pits in the weave and therefore I can normally hear and feel the high spots in the weave passing under the blade (swish, swish). Enough builds up on the high-spots after a couple of coats to allow light sanding without cutting into the cloth. There will always be some ridges left by the squeege work, but these are easily dealt with using the scraper prior to sanding. It is not really a matter of skill, but more related to working with only small qualities at a time. In the final coat (prior to final sanding and the weave being full),I am actually almost able to do the entire hull with a few onces of epoxy.

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