squeegee get my vote

Posted by Gober on Aug 4, 2005

I love the squeegee method. I bought 2 packs of three last night at Wal-Mart for 1.29 each. That’s 43 cents each. They are reusable too. I bought the bondo brand, its where the auto stuff is. Now to the real deal about them, the kind they sell at Wal-Mart are not as good as the kind they use in auto shops. The ones I got a Wal-Mart do not keep a totally straight edge after 3 or uses. The rough texture of the hardened epoxy tends to eventually rough up the straight edge. When you see it get rough you can cut it straight with a razor or toss it, after all they are only 43 cents each. On my mc13 all I needed was 1 three pack for 1.29. What I do is mix the epoxy then pour it directly on the boat and “try like hell to scrape it back off”. I keep a cup handy to wipe off the epoxy build up on the squeegee. It really keeps your fill coats down, about 2 oz or so.

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