Re: Leaky hatch - RESULTS

Posted by Moe on Aug 4, 2005

supose you could get the kind of fastener system they use for hauling heavy stuff (you'd need a miniature version) the problem is that this kind of buckle is meckanical and i'm not sure how it'd work in reaction with acid and how if salt would make it "freeze".

also you dident say do you have neopren cell rubber on top of all this? beacuse i've only got that and my to strapes on my back hatch and it's tight. you might wanna try it with to layers of neopren cell strips. this stuff is suft foam and watter thight and therefor forms perfectly to the hatch rim.

another thing just to make sure you are fastening the neoprene strips too the underside of the hatch not the deck, right?

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