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Posted by LeeG on Aug 3, 2005

yep, epoxy waits untill your back is turned,,and then it goes. But it is possible to put on less epoxy, it is possible to come back every 30min or so and brush drips out. I've put on epoxy with a roller and had it drip as well as put it on and it didn't drip. Putting on less than you think is sufficient with multiple coats the solution. I find it helps to break down the deck glassing sequence, coaming stack into a couple parts. Assuming hull is sanded almost to it's next to last sanding before varnish/paint. Before the coaming goes on blue masking tape is put 1/4" below the round over with 2" clear plastic packing a smidge below the top edge of the tape. Cloth and wet-out coat goes on. When partially cured first fill coat goes on. When partially cured to firm stage cut the cloth on edge at a shallow angle gently pulling the tape as you go. The knife shouldn't cut into the cured side hull since the angle afforded by the 1/4" recess allows the blade to cut into the 'green' glass. Using carbide scraper feather edge further. You can put on another layer of masking tape and plastic sheet about 1" below cut edge of cloth but if you put on barely enough for the fill coats it shouldn't drip and the masking shouldn't be necessary. If you aren't confident you can't control the amount of epoxy on the roller go ahead and put the tape/plastic on. Roll light coat over feathered edge, sheer and deck. Roll ANOTHER THIN coat over feathered edge and sheer.

While the second fill coat is still green attach coaming stack only, saving the coaming for last makes sanding easier. Using only enough thickened epoxy to attach coaming with gloved finger wiping up extra.

Roll ANOTHER THIN coat over feathered edge deck and sheer. Roll ANOTHER THIN coat over feathered edge and sheer. ,,,and another over sheer edge in the middle 8' of kayak. These are THIN coats but they are necessary to keep from sanding into the deck glass at the sheer,,as long as the deck glass is there for a reason there's a reason to not sand into it. The idea is to have three thin coats instead of one thick, two medium fill coats. If you try for two be sure and go back for drips.

Now sand the whole mess to one stage before finish sanding (in case any drips or mess show up later when finishing coaming they can be wiped off and sanded with 220).

Apply coaming. Wipe drips with alcohol rag.

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