Re: epoxy runs ...

Posted by Chris Taylor on Aug 3, 2005

I find rollers and brushes of any kind tend to lay down too much epoxy and it is hard to spread it out. I also adds a lot of unnecessary weight in the end. I use the plastic squeege to apply very thin "fill coats" (usually at least 3 with a light scraping with a carbide scraper between each to knock of any high spots). I then do a light sanding with the ROS (100 to 150 grit), wash it all carefully, and apply another very thin coat of epoxy. It is amazing how far you can spread a small amount of epoxy at this stage. Then I do the final sanding down to 220 grit prior to varnish/paint. If you have runs and bumps now, I recommend you take them down with a good carbide paint or cabinet scraper. This saves a lot of messy and toxic sanding. Your scraper will soon become your favorite tool.

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