epoxy runs ...

Posted by dennis tran on Aug 3, 2005

Putting epoxy resin onto deck and hull turn out rather a frustrated experience for me. Except for the first coat where the fiberglass cloth soaked up all the epoxy -- no run, no mess.

But the when I put on the second coat with either disposable roller or foam brushes, careful as I could possibly be, I spent time to catch all the drips and excess. But the next day when I examined the underside of the kayak, there would be hardened runs/drips that will need to be sanded off.

I think part of the problem is the slow-curing epoxy that would have all the sweet time to run.

Is there a better way to do this besides foam brushes and rollers?

- Does this indicate that I used too much epoxy?

- Should I put masking on the underside to catch these runs?

- Doing so, would I run into the problem that I potentially cannot pull the masking tape off when the epoxy is dried?

Thanks in advance.




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