Re: thinning paint

Posted by Pat in CT on Aug 3, 2005

results may vary and I may have had beginners luck but I just painted with Brightsides "Hatteras White" and thinned it with common low-odor mineral spirits. I couldn't justify the $$ for 333 without at least trying on-hand cheap stuff. I can't tell you exactly how much, not alot. Just what seemed right. I learned from the first coat and only mixed what I needed per coat. I used one foam roller to spread paint very, very thin and a second roller, just barely damp with spirits at start, to roll away the bubbles. I worked fast in sections. 4 coats in 6 days over sanded interlux pre-kote, sanding with 320 paper between coats and washed with hose and brush to remove dust. It looks better than I ever expected. It was 90+ degrees with 80+% humidity throughout the paint job.

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