re thread - leaky hatch

Posted by Ray on Aug 3, 2005

Jim suggested the following as a solution.

I followed instructions and will report back tomorrow.



Hi Ray, I just read your message about leaky hatches and I thought I'd share a trick that I've used for model airplanes. When the wing is mated to the wing saddle, there often is some variation between the surfaces. To close the gaps, silicone gaskets are the easy way to go. Put a thick bead of silicone down and then put plastic wrap (from the kitchen) over it and then put the wing (hatch) in place and let it set up. After it is set up, the wing (hatch) can be lifted, the plastic wrap discarded and the resulting gasket should be a perfect fit. Hopefully, this would work for a kayak hatch, also. I've been contemplating using this on mine, but as of yet, I haven't tried it. Good luck, Jim



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