Re: attaching rubrails

Posted by Chris Taylor on Aug 2, 2005

First of all, you probably should have attached the rubrails prior to finishing the deck and hull. Do not try to epoxy the rails onto a painted or varnished surface. To get a good bond, you must scrap down to the epoxy under where you want the rails. Assuming you have done that, I suggest attaching the rails with thickened expoxy and small finishing nails only partly driven. Once set, you can remove the nails and fill the tiny holes with a matching filler. Then sand, seal with expoxy, sand again and finally varnish or paint. Be sure to taper the rails as you get to the bow and stern to give a nice effect. If you do not want to go to all that trouble, just screw them on with bronze or stainless screws. I would not like this look and the holes could be points for water ingress to the wood. Now the big question...why do you want rubrails in the first place? I have one boat with them, and one without. I find that they really don't get involved in a lot of bumping and they just add a lot of unecessary weight in my opinion. I also prefer the look of the boat without them.

In Response to: attaching rubrails by Pat in CT on Aug 2, 2005



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