Re: Kayak vs. Tornado

Posted by Pat in CT on Aug 2, 2005

I lived in Ventura CA and a water spout developed outside the harbor. It came into the harbor between the jetties, straight down the channel with hundreds of sailboats on either side not damaging any, got to the end of the harbor to the town boat ramp, up the ramp, no damage yet, across the street to a retirement trailer park and wrecked two or three homes before ending. Are trailers whirl-wind magnetic?

As for your problem I would probably clean up the end as best I could and rebuild an end with wood scraps and thickened epoxy and shape it post-cure. Smooth it, glass it, fill it and paint the end. Maybe an "end pour." Find a decal of a tornado or the Tasmanian Devil and stick it on and tell the story to all who ask.

In Response to: Kayak vs. Tornado by Rich on Aug 1, 2005



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