Kayak vs. Tornado

Posted by Rich on Aug 1, 2005

This may be one for the record books.

Yesterday I was at our cottage on an inland lake off the coast of Maine. It was a bright, CLEAR, absolutely windless day. The lake was like glass. My pride and joy, a Chesapeake 17, was sitting on the dock waiting to be used. After hearing an unbelievable noise, I rushed down to the water to find it floating upside down and sinking fast. Stuff was everywhere. Soon after, our stunned neighbors ran over yelling "holy $#^%, did you see that?!!!" Apparently out of no where a funnel shaped flurry of wind and water picked up the boat, lifted it some 15 feet or more in the air, and was spinning it around like a compass needle. Rotating several feet above it was my paddle, and then above the paddle was all of my fly fishing gear. After several rotations, the boat turned on end and nosedived into the water near the shore, which of course is all rocks. I have no idea what this weather phenomena was. It happened and was gone in about 5 seconds. Someone mentioned it may have been a water spout. I have heard of these on the ocean, but not on a lake on sunny and windless day. Any ideas?

The damage was confined to the first 3 to 4 inches of the tip of the nose, which is a shattered mix of debris and is no longer water tight. The rest of the boat is absolutely fine! Although I'm completely heartbroken at the loss, I think it is an unbelievable testiment to the quality of these kits. CLC17 vs. a tornado and wins!

Anyone have any ideas as to how in the world I can fix this? The plywood on the top of the deck is basically gone, and the sides are flared out like a snuffed out cigar.



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