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Posted by KirkE on Aug 1, 2005

Started at the campground of Janes Island State Park, MD. I first checked in and paid a small fee, $7.00. And decided on one of the three kayak-in campsites. I got a tag/badge from the office that I would show to any official, allowing me to camp there.

We put in at the campground's boat launch area. Loaded the kayak full of our gear and proceeded to paddle down the river. There are other put in places that might be closer, but I figured that my car would be safest at the campground.

We paddled down the canal into the Little Annemessex River and into its mouth. We found the campsite and it was on the southern end of a smaller island, for there was a canal dug between the main island and the campsite area.

The area had 4 or five platforms for pitching tents, and so, one might share a site with other paddlers.

One the way back, it seems that bucked the trend and took the paths backwards, we followed the black route through the salt water marsh. In some areas, the trail posts were rotten and the path markers had fallen down. We weren't sure if the posts were old and trail signs were removed or what. With the tide out, most of the passages were dry, so one could easily follow the main path. In some instances, we had to back track and try a different route. Near the end, we did have to plow through a shallow spot.

If you are planning to go, call first. We went during the weekdays and no one had any reservations. You can easily get their phone number on the web.

Since you are camping in the wildlife area, all trash and refuse must be packed out. So, it definitely is a "leave no trace" mentality.

Next time, we would plan on going earlier in the season, before the flys, maybe in May or June (although the crab will not be biting then). Since the island has three kayak-in sites, we would campsite hop from one camp site to another.


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