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Posted by George K on Jul 31, 2005


If you're going to tab the hull on a WR you need to secure it upside down to two sawhorses that have been leveled with each other (Just clamp the sheer clamps to the top of the horses). The bulkheads should be epoxied in place and a fillet run a couple of feet in the bow and stern before you do that, however. Tab with thickened epoxy, let it harden over night. Remove all the wires you can, snip off the others as flush as you can. Finish tabbing the rest of the hull. Sand, fiberglass the hull, then you're ready to turn it over and plane sheer clamps, attach deck, etc. That's how you "wind" a WR. Just make sure the bow and stern don't have any twist before you epoxy the seams. Just have to eyeball that part.

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