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Posted by Moe on Jul 31, 2005

That is why the chart is label ekaustion time, not active in rescue time.

It's not the time that you're hands are workebal or until watter effeckts mental workings. its the time it'll take for some lying in a life jaket doing nothing to feel totaly ekhausted. the rescue it'self is dependent on you'beeing abel to juse you're hands and boddy as precisly as possibel.

To out it this way. if you were to go climing in an old fashond breast suit. you could (provided a good fastening) ly there for ever until you starved. the only problem is you'd be dead after 15 minutes, beacuse of the position youre body is in.

survival time in the chart i'm copying this from is put to 30-90 minutes in 0-5. in my eyes that's mximum. and you'll be lying unconshus long before that.

lee i'm not sying one should base an operation on styff like this it's just to give an idea of the risk before someone with no ekspirience goes out an dopes somthing stupid.

Yet another eksampel of how deadly cold watter is: if you were on a ship (not a kajak a big ship) and you're dry and work and then feel into watter like that you'd die or be uncounsius from the sheer difrence of temprature.

of course there are eksamples of the opposit. i can be an idiot and say my uncle and a hicking body of his found a guy in a glacier crack with 20 somthing body temprature. And he survived well then i shoulden't have any problems surviving in 5 degree watter. the main idea is just to impress on people how fast watter works on you. there's nothing, but ekspirience that can prepare you for it.

since i live in norway and my famlies always been an acctive famly and also know lots of people how done mountain stuff i could go on and on about cold, wipe outs, snowblindness avalanches, ice screws, etc.

those who have done paddling in tempratures like that have some eksperience. and hopefully know enogh from frends and eksperience to be carefull. but for the rest off us the main objektive is not to go do somthing stupid. show respect for the weather and forcast and above all show respect to those with ekspirience.

you Lee have obviusly had some ekspirrience and know how fucking cold it is. But if someone from southern france comes up to Norway in december and says "gee this looks like a nice place to padle." what then what's the odds of him having the information he needs.

I may not have alot of cold watter eksperience but at least i've got some cold weather and snow ekspirience from boarding. i'm just sharing my oppinun that 5 degree watter means five meeters from land.

Too those like lee who have ekspirince and know how to handle it fine. to all the people like me keep the fuck out off cold watter unless you've been told what to do and are with a guy with ekspirence, fine leav it to him. but do not, go out alone or with a group of new guys thas the typical group for getting in trouble.

tourists in the mountains.

good luck to you all as far as i'm abel to judge my kajakk is fine.

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