survival vs function time

Posted by LeeG on Jul 30, 2005

Moe, those charts are good for letting you know how warm the body will be after x minutes in y water but they really can mislead one into thinking you've got 15minutes in 5degree water to affect a rescue. If your unprotected hands or head become affected in 30 seconds of immersion in 5degree water that pretty much means you've got 30 seconds before cold immersion screws up the brain (judgement, balance, hearing, seeing, interpreting what you hear/see/feel) or screws up your ability to hold/grip/manipulate something like a paddle, bungie,clip,skirt,radio,flare,HATCH HARDWARE,etc. To my mind that means I've got about 15 seconds to complete a rescue in very cold water if my head or hands aren't protected. Of course if my head and hands (core already protected)are protected i've got minutes instead of seconds. If you get a chance check out Epic kayaks hatch closures, mechanically it's similar to what you'll find on some Current Designs with a flipping cam lever on webbing loops but with a better cover for the closure so nothing catches. Anywho it's awfully easy to apply "it's good enough for 95% of my paddling" for some constructions but once you pile up a couple 5% experiences one on top of the other "I've never been in water this cold,,waves this big, paddled this far" what looked servicable before becomes absolutely,,,,unacceptable for that infrequent experience.

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