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Posted by Moe on Jul 30, 2005

i have never been involved in a ny rescue of any kind. i was however planing to take the glacier sertificat. now when it comes to rescuing sombody everything should be at maximum efficentsy. if you're out at the sea in cold weather and the weather roughs up people in their kajaks not too mention the people out in the wather are in danger of freezing to death (it doesn't take long). as lee said this is zero tolerens terretory. if somthing fails for just a short period of time you might be dead. you've not got any ekstra time.

for those how havent had reason too be plaises where one learns about cold watter. if you fall down a glacier crack and resive mortal injuries that doent kill instently you doent die after 15 - 20 mionutes. you die from the cold watter useully after somthing like 5min.

if everything is ok you've got the high ground an d prepare for potensial accedents. once the accedent is a fact it's too late if you did the right things tok the right precousions brought the right gear. you've got a fair chance of managing. if you diden't to late.

even with all the right stuff you'll have you're hands full.

assumed ekoustion times in watter: the times from 0-5 are a bit generus at that stat each grade matters degrees in celsius

0-5 degrees 15 - 30min 5-10 degrees 30 - 60min 10-15 degrees 1-2h 15-20 degrees 2-7h 20-25 degrees 3-12h

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