Re: Deck Bungies on a MC1

Posted by Moe on Jul 30, 2005

i've not done it but i've been thinking about doing somthing simmilar in the front hatch of my ch18. first i thought it'd be a good idea to fasten hooks to the sheer clamps and then have the small stuff that would be held in plase under the deck not lying on the bottom of the "cargo hold" the problem is that by doing this you make the balance point of the boat higher. of course it's not sirius but it's better too have stuff straped down on the keel. one thing i've consider is not straping it fast but running a line along the sheer clamps. on both sides of the insdie of the hull. Then by a couple of cheap carabins that are lockeball. i would then fasten short pieces of rope between pairs of two. that way one could make shure the baggage dident slide two much and stil keep a low balance point the idea needs some more thinking but it's possibal.

In Response to: Deck Bungies on a MC16 by Kirke on Jul 26, 2005



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