Re: 18' Chessy LT

Posted by Moe on Jul 30, 2005

also how much do you way and how heavy is the padler of a ch18lt supposed to be.

a good test fill the hatches with a cople of buckets of watter roll the kajak around and if it get's wet on the outside well not thight.

also a little craft man tip. if the boat is not built by a licensed boat builder. I've built a ch18 nothing more but i am on my way to be come a carpenter and now verius crafts men. now if the screws for holding lines, strappes and elasticks in place are not acid treated and are protected only by epoxy be carfull. when un treated steal (includes stainless) is eksposed to salt watter or other acids they dont stand a chance. They'll go straight to hell.

Also Check that all epoxy that is vounerabal to the sun is protected and ask him how many layers of varnish and epoxy are on the boat and wear it's reenforced

In the end check rudder an deck attachments fore weaknesses and signs of decay. Also not how well his buckles react onder preasure. if the get a bit worped by new ones.

also check the hatch insulation it may show signs of losening.

In the end ask him to give you the kajak name again and measure it to be sure his selling it under right moddel name. There is no such thing as far as i know as a chesapeak 18 LT.

in the end ask him why he wants to sell

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