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Posted by Moe on Jul 30, 2005

Now here is what i am going to do. i own a ch18 and have i miniature leek in the aft hatch. The thing is that i think i did the right thing when building eksept that i was a bit slopy (a litle gap in the foam).

Stick to the original construction whith a thin strip of wood around the hatch. Then cover the under side of the edge of the hatch with neopren foam (clc sells the stuff, but so do plumber stores) make the foam trimings as tight and as tight fitting as possibal. then here comes the thing no one here has mentioned. do not, i repeat DO NOT under any sercumstanses use the kind of strap sold on this sight. They wil only be fastened as hard as you can pull and most paople are'nt strong enoghe. instead go on the web and/or tolk to a couple of hard wear store veaterans. (the guys who have been in the stores for 40+ years and know everything abobout screws, nails, rope, paint etc.) If you ask the right qestions and live in a city or in a suburb. you will eventually locate a guy with a store who only sells strappes (there is at least one in Oslo and Oslo's not big). it may not be a store only a warehouse, but anyway go there and ask for(in case of warehous beg fore) the buckles that are capebal of putting the most preasure on somthing and voilà.

so the system i ended opp with is sturdy and works like this.

first pul as hard as you can and fasten the end of the strap on som velcrow. Then there is this handy little thing wich you push down and it tightens the strapes even more and that in turn gives more preasure to the hatch.

now most of you will think this was a long long post and that it wasent realy usefull beacuse it's so hard to locate sombody who sells the stuff.

but the thing is i have never ever, ever seen a strap fastening that is so easy and can tighten a strap to the ekstent that i had to by new thicker strapes beacuse the fastening pulled so hard that the screw at the other end almost ripped through the nylon strap.

in short find you're strap buckle dealer and give him you're problem say the magick words and you're problems is solwed.

PS. some of these places are ekspensive.

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