Re: 18' Chessy LT

Posted by Howard on Jul 29, 2005

hard to imagine a factory built 18LT....

things i would look for:

get a flashlight and carefully inspect inside the cockpit and the storage areas...make sure that there is no black-ick/mold. the areas should be clean and no wood exposed.

on the outside....check for a clean/smooth exposed wood.

on the it upside down and make sure that the hull is hollows or bulges.

sit in it...are the foot-pegs/seat adjustable to make it comfortable for you?

check the storage hatch openings....does it have the three layers of reinforcement? is the deck glassed? are the hatches attachable and tight?

how much does the boat weigh? if well should be between 45 and 50 lbs....much more than that and they were probably getting a bit sloppy.

take it for a test paddle....does it paddle well with it really the right size for you?

most you like how it looks? will you feel happy paddling around in it?

good luck


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