ches 17 and leaky hatches

Posted by Ray on Jul 29, 2005

hi folks

What a boat the ch17. Its been a month since launch date. Each paddle has resulted in a happier grin. Yesterday, a few friends and myself paddled with the tall ships on the start of their journey to Norway. About a 5 foot following swell with big lumpy bits. It was the first 'big' sea test for the chesapeake. It behaved perfectly - surfing down waves, no weather cocking - spot on. It felt in control, stable and safe.

The only downside are those flush hatches (with straps). Perhaps they're ok for lakes and they do look beautiful. But waves crashing on the deck are a different matter. After about one hour of paddling, I reckon I had about a bucket of water in each hatch. I need to sort this out soon. In mid-august, we plan to kayak in scotland for two weeks. We will be carrying tents, sleeping bags etc.

Having slept in a wet sleeping bag, I do not want to repeat the experience. I do have dry bags, but would really like to stop water getting through the hatch. I am also concerned that constant water immersion may damage the interior of the hatch compartments.

I have spent a little time resarching this and am still not convinced. The moby system is very clever, but i doubt that it is water proof, loads of dog hatches seem a good bet, but i don't like the look of them. As for straps, they may look good, but don't apply enough of a downward force to make them seal. there's got to be a solution out there. Any ideas ??

all the best ray



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