Big Problem need advice

Posted by Moe on Jul 29, 2005

Now i now this is my own gitty fault but hey i'm human i make masteks. The thing is that unlike most of you (i think) i built my boat from raw metirals. I did however by all the stuff from the same copmpany (west system) however they did not include the type of nails needed to fasten the deck to the sheer clamps they included some other kind of unjusebul nail and i didn't discover this before i'd done the aft deck. and now some of the seems have opend up a bit. Not sure if they've always been like that (covered in a thin layer of epoxy) and that the only thing that's happende is that the epoxy film has been broken. anyway how would you people rekomend stopping this there has been som watter in direkt contact with the wood, does this mean anything?



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