Re: Jetski/Kayak accident

Posted by Joe Oliver on Jul 29, 2005

Thank you everyone for your responses, I'm not surprised at the fury over the jet ski epidemic. I did report the accident to the Pennsylvania Fish Commission that has the authority over my lake. The officer was out of town but I talked to him on his cellphone and he intends to interview my daughter and the other driver sometime today, seeing the interest in this event I will be sure to share the results. I have not yet received a call from the other party regarding the discussion on damages but I was kind of waiting for the outcome with the investigation. I assume a ticket will be given. In Pennsylvania boat insurance is not required. I own nice boats, 1941 and 1947 17' Chris Crafts, a 1907 and 1922 old town canoes, 1959 classic outboard, and a broken kayak and all of my boats are insured with liability coverage. My 14 year daughter and 15 year old son drive the Chris Crafts but they have lived with nice boats all their life and realizes the skill and responsibility required. I also realize that children are children and they all can make expensive mistakes that parents are liable for. Since nobody was hurt and there is only property damage I probably won't go after the punitive damage that our anger side suggests. I will however request a new lt-17 kit at $790 and will compromise on the labor knowing that with some repair work I can probably replace the deck on the old one. The one thing I can say in defense of the other party is that he wasn't driving full speed or doing donuts. He was just driving stupid half speed straight line with his eyes closed. Ok, I guess that is reckless. That being said, I hate jetskis. I don't even like fiberglass although I have a plastic sailboat. Boats are supposed to be objects of art that take you for a zen trip through nature. If your craft is a POS then what kind of life are you living. Anyone who reads this forum already knows what I'm talking about.

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