J Oliver....

Posted by Petewp on Jul 29, 2005

I just reread your post again...

Look, contact your police. You seem a little befuddled here. Its a cut and dry matter. The kid does not belong on the lake again in any motorvehicle - this is a community risk. Plus you have damages and repair costs, both to the kayak and your young daughter.

Dont just air your feelings here --- reread my previous post and follow through.

Man Id never take a hit like that without returning some serious fire - not to say Im advocating shooting at his jetski.

Get a lawyer. Period. And whatever you do, dont procrastinate nor take any verbal or even written promises of payment - no matter how cordial and cairing they might sound - this is a legal matter. Fuzzy apologies and well meant promises have no place here.

Its a motorvehicle accident.

Im taking it that the kid didnt hit and run. Cool. He still needs some growing up before he starts up a motor again - and blames mothernature for a near manslaughter. Do the whole neighborhood a favor ok?


Pete [Pissed.]


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