Jetski accident...

Posted by Petewp on Jul 29, 2005

Real simple here...

1.Have the police make a report.

2.Have the parents charged appropiately with wreckless "whatever"

3.Contact your attroney and FILE A SUIT.

Bottomline: Get the cost of the kit and your time expended back, plus any injuries suffered physical or emotional.

Im sorry I have no soft heart where the life of a child was risked to the degree this individual did.


Kit? $800 Time? $800 Emotional and physical distress to a minor of that degree? $1000

Total is $2600, but demand $5000 as the judge always knocks it down Im told.

I cant see awarding the pain and suffering costs to yourself, if only becasue we are adults afterall, but that same horror subjected to a child? Sorry thats off the scale.. Im a dad you might be able to tell.

Yeah...ask for $5000... maybe the idiot parents and kid will have to sell the damned thing as a result - and theres a plus to the whole community.

"I couldnt see the sun was in my eyes"

Wow wouldnt it be great if we all operated motor vehicles like that?

Get a lawyer... plain and simple. Consultation is often free.



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