Re: Jetski/Kayak accident

Posted by Karl on Jul 28, 2005

Thank God, Buddha, Allah or any other higher power you can think of that your daughter is alright!! She obviously has great reflexes, and handled the situation superbly.

I would absolutely claim man hours against the guilty party as part of the settlement. Most insurance companies, as well as private citizens would probably rather cough up a couple bucks than face ugly litigation. Of course, if you are P.O.ed enough, maybe litigation could be the answer?

It's too bad there are morons everywhere, and there isn't a law against stupidity. I don't blame the jetski, I have driven them, and had a good time doing it. I liken these people to the ones who blast through the woods on their 4 wheelers. There are any number of trails near me that I mountain bike on. Nine times out of ten people on 4 wheelers slow down, pull over and pass the cyclists. The 10 percenters are the ones who blast past you then hit the gas and spray rocks and sand into your face. God I'd love to have a can of mace... or a hand grenade...

For another story on jetski mishaps to kayakers, check out Wes Boyds kayak place website for his experience.

Again, I'm very glad to here your daughter is okay, everything else can be replaced...

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