Re: Report It

Posted by J.Schott on Jul 28, 2005

First of all, I am glad your daughter is ok. Nothing frustrates me more than an inexperienced driver of any powerboat or pwc. Here in Virginia, there is nothing to stop anyone of any age from getting behind the wheel. Just two weekends ago I took my wife and 3 year old daughter out in our double. I typicaly stay very far away from traffic while in the kayaks, for obvious reasons. On our return trip, a powerboat with a boy less than 12 years old at the wheel, decided to set it down from plane on my left within 2 boat lengths of us! What really pissed me off was his father was sitting next to him! How much water do they think they need? The problem with pwc's is that it does not matter how deep the water is they are going to use it all. What probably happened in Joe's case is that the 14 year old driver did not realize (like most pwc pilots) that you must give them throttle to turn. No throttle=go straight. Safety courses shoud be manditory before the sale of any powerboat is final. Any pwc involved in an accident should have the registration revoked. I have been on the water all my life, in all kinds of boats. My parents and grandparents made sure that I knew exactly what I was doing when operating any of our boats. They also taught me to respect the water and all who are on it no mater what type of boat they were in.

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